DE&I Panel

Join Puget Sound for their 3rd Annual Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Panel, kicking off WIC Week! Indeed, the winds of change are sweeping through the construction culture! Gender fluid inclusivity is a vital topic, especially in an industry that has historically been cismale-dominated. Let’s delve into this conversation about how to thrive both in the office and field settings within construction. Please register here!


  • Claire Dougherty, Project Engineer –
    Claire Dougherty is a Project Engineer at Build Group on the First Light project in Seattle, WA. She has a Civil Engineering Degree from University of Washington.


  • Fiona Cleveland, Otis Elevator Technician –
    Fiona is a 4th year Elevator Mechanic Apprentice with IUEC Local 19 Seattle WA. She is an inspiring individual who has made significant strides in the construction industry. She is currently in her 20th year of working in the trades. Prior to the IUEC, she spent 16 years working stages with IATSE. She is currently the only open and out transwoman in the IUEC in the US. She came out and transitioned in the trades in 2021. Since coming out, Fiona has joined the leadership panel with the  Otis Elevator Pride and is working towards greater acceptance, retention and promotion of Queer individuals in the trades. She’s currently working towards achieving her mechanic’s license and promoting DEI within the IUEC.


  • Dominique Drago, Journeyman Ironworker


  • Jodine Hatfield, Superintendent & Local 196 Pile-drivers –
    Jodine is a hybrid of a Superintendent and a Safety Professional with over 25 years experience in the construction management  and construction safety fields. Her point of origin was attending and graduating from commercial diving school in Seattle. This eventually lead to her becoming a site safety manager on multiple projects and transforming myself into a seasoned Superintendent. She’s a proud member of the Carpenters Trust and the Pile Drivers Local 196 out of Kent, WA since 2002.


  • Dawn Steinwright, Carpenter Foreman –
    Dawn joined the UBC in 1995 and apprenticed in St Louis District Council. Dawn moved to Seattle in 2004. Dawn has an impressive career and is competent in all phases from sitework to finish, and heavy highway/bridgework.

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