Mentorship Program

A mentoring relationship is a reciprocal, and self-directed learning relationship between two individuals who share responsibility and accountability for helping a mentee work toward the achievement of clear and defined learning goals.

Our mentorship program is flexible allowing the mentor and mentee to learn and grow at their own pace. Mentors and mentees meet individually approximately once a month.

For women in the construction industry, mentoring:

Rejuvenates your career

Improves personal productivity

Strengthens leadership skills

Increases career satisfaction

Encourages sharing of information

Enhances self-confidence

Develops a loyal support group

Encourages women to achieve their full potential

Construction-related employers that support mentoring programs are directly improving the success of our industry.

NAWIC Puget Sound Chapter Mentorship Program Application Form

Welcome to the NAWIC Puget Sound Chapter mentorship program! We are looking forward to a meaningful experience for you and have the following questions for you to answer to match mentees with mentors most effectively.