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WIC Week 2021

Thank you for an incredibly impactful WIC Week 2021! The causes we supported this year included Seattle Community Fridge, Sawhorse Revolution and Arcade Wayfinding. The work in our community is never done, please keep supporting women in construction at every opportunity. 

WIC Week 2021 Award Winners

Generational Achievement: Lily Iftner, Sellen Construction

The generational achievement recipient is a NAWIC member who has a continuous track record of involvement in NAWIC – a leader in her field who has demonstrated years of experience promoting diversity and inclusion both inside and outside of their organization.

Future Leader of the Year: Liv Hanlon, Makita USA

NAWIC Member is within her first two years of membership, and is heavily involved with their local chapter. Whether it's signing up for every event, participating in leadership, volunteering, etc., this NAWIC Member is a force to be reckoned with and it's clear that they will be supporting NAWIC for years to come. They are involved in developing programs and events that support community engagement and diversity and inclusion within the construction community.

Tradeswomxn of the Year: Allison Adams, Hermanson Company

The Tradeswomxn of the Year is considered a leader amongst their peers, a respected tradesperson who is a champion for innovation in her field, who is keenly aware of jobsite safety for herself and her peers, and advocates for diversity and inclusion within the construction industry.

Industry Professional of the Year: Sandi Tovias, WALSH Construction

Our industry's strength and success depends on not only the expertise and hard work of construction professionals in the field, but also those who support them from the office. The Industry Professional of the Year promotes the success of our industry by displaying expert proficiencies in their work and seeking innovation to improve the safety of workers and productivity/profitability of her organization. They are champion for diversity and inclusion, and gets involved when there is opportunity to support her community.

Safety Advocate of the Year: Annie Mathis, PRIME Electric

It's not always easy to recognize a scenario that could be or has become a safety concern – and can be even more challenging to speak up when you do. The Safety Advocate does both proactively, and has a proven track record of advocating for and influencing increased safety measures for construction professionals in the field. They are constantly searching for innovative ways to enhance safety protocol and is a leader in safety advocacy among their peers.

Puget Sound Legacy Award: Jennifer Nelson, Hermanson Company

Jennifer Nelson of Hermanson Company was a bright light for so many of us that she worked with! She was at Hermanson for 16 years, and was an active member of our Chapter and held leadership roles on the board. We lost Jen in 2020, but her legacy will live on through her projects, work, and impact she made on everyone around her--especially her family.


WIC Week 2021 Sponsors

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